Automatic payment and ticket machines

A Long Life for the Products and the Planet

We are part of a circular economy, which allows us to extend the useful life of your machine through small modifications and updates to obsolete components.

Once the useful life of your machine is over, we collect it and ensure it is correctly recycled. If you do not want to get rid of it, we can provide its restyling so that you can continue enjoying it for many more years.

We also offer rentals of our machines. You are able to choose your preferred payment method and for a competitive price, you can have access to the machine you want.

Become an active part of our commitment to efficiency and sustainability. Join us at Siteco.

Custom Manufacturing

We can adapt our standard products to your needs.

From the design of the outer casing and components to the software that manages the payment system. The best service: even for a small number of units

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Our Guarantee

Our guarantee your assured enjoyment of its correct operation at all times.

You will have the best support. We offer timely after-sales service and you can also speak to our technicians directly.

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